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Add title page image

In most of my team's use cases, we need the ability to add a title page with the video subject, client name and the date of recording. Since we are hosting the videos internally, we do not have the option of adding a title screen like we would on a video platform like YouTube. The current workaround is to always record the full screen and start with an image on our screen with the video title. This is less than ideal. My proposed feature is the ability to upload an image that will be used as the title frame. Potential MVP requirements.- As a user, I must be able to upload an image.- As a user, I should be able to adjust the duration for which the title image is displayed.- As a user, I won't be required to upload a title image.- As a user, I won't be able to make any display adjustments to the uploaded image.- As a developer, I must be able to restrict what image formats are allowed.- As a developer, I must be able to restrict the size of the image uploaded.- As a developer, I should provide recommended sizes.

Cullen Whitmore 11 days ago