Option to disable all ScreenStudio's mouse features (or fix mouse lag)

This is what I mean → https://imgur.com/a/ix7N0yS

This is something that I am surprised I don't see many mentions of. And I always notice it in many people's videos using this software.

When you move the mouse relatively fast, Screenstudio's baked in mouse can't keep up with what actually happened in the recording. So a lot of times the hover state of an object will change in the recording, but Screenstudio's mouse hasn't yet arrived to that object. It keeps lagging behind.

If this is not possible to solve, I would at least love to completely disable all these features. They look great for demos and showcasing things. But for natural mouse movements it usually can't keep up and lags behind and the viewer would find this super odd looking.

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21 days ago


Alejandro Hernandez (Reapertips)

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