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The zooms are a powerful way to bring a watchers attention to a specific area of the recording, but sometimes they don't do a good enough job of calling out exactly the visible area that you want the user to focus on.

It would also be fantastic to be able to focus on a specific area of the app (by drawing a rectangular / circular mask around that area) and having the rest of the view fade out to avoid visual distractions

Need to have features for V1
1. Ability to control the opacity of the background fading
2. Control how feathered the Mask is

3. Use "zooms" and "focuses" at the same time
4. Ability to have more then one focus on screen at the same time

This would really help tell the visual story of specific components of the apps Im recording more effectively

Gif Example that was a total pain in the ass for me to create in Davinci

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In Review


πŸ’‘ Feature Request


About 1 month ago


Adrian Head

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