Export Multi-Task or Queue

I love Screen Studio, but I don't know how hours I waited for the export to complete while I can't do anything else, like editing. I can't queue, which means, if I have 20 recordings on a single 10-min video, I have to wait for every single one to finish and manually export the next one.

A simple solution is to allow editing while the export happens, like in Descript so at least I can multi-task. Better yet, to allow queuing multiple videos.

It's a shame that bulk export was rejected. Without it, Screen Studio is only made for short videos of 1-min long and not viable for more than 10-min videos, much less a 4-hour course.

UPDATE: the merge multiple projects could solve this problem: https://hub.screen.studio/p/ability-to-merge-multiple-projects

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26 days ago


Meng To

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