EDR screen recording

No screen recorder for macOS can do this yet, but I'm pretty sure it's possible with ScreenCaptureKit!

To explain it a little better, the idea would be to be able to record the HDR values displayed on screen by certain images, videos or games. HDR is displayed thanks to Apple's EDR technology, notably for the XDR screens of new Macs, but also for almost all Mac screens since 2018.

The world of HDR is growing by the day, especially in photography, where still images can now display higher brightness values where there is more light in the image. This new technology applied to still images has very recently been adopted by Adobe (Photoshop, Lightroom) and Android with Android 14. For more information on HDR in still images, see this site: https://gregbenzphotography.com/hdr/

On the video side, all iPhone shots are now in Dolby Vision, a type of HDR. It works in the same way as for still images. HDR in videos even became popular long before, as it could be found in the popular MP4 format, whereas the JPG format has only supported HDR (thanks to Gain Maps) for a few months.

Of course, if we can save the HDR displayed on our screens, we also need to be able to export it! We should therefore add the possibility of exporting in H.265 (HEVC) or ProRes format, with an "HDR" option which, if ticked, allows HDR metadata to be preserved when encoding the export.

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Martin Guillemet

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