Keeping It SImple, Stupid

Screen Studio's strength lies in its ease of use. You hit the mark with its design, but the real win is not requiring a PhD to get started. However, I'm seeing a change in the wind with your roadmap—new features that threaten to make the platform unnecessarily complex.

Here's my suggestion: K.I.S.S. Go ahead, add those new features, but let us choose whether to enable them. Keep the user interface flexible so we can make it as straightforward or feature-rich as we prefer.

Love what you've built. Just be cautious of falling into the old Microsoft Office trap—stuffing the interface with new bells and whistles each year just to push upgrades, regardless of their actual utility. Ever thought of a SaaS model? It could offer a sustainable revenue stream without the need to chase the dragon of incessant feature additions.

You guys rock.

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About 2 months ago


Chad Alderson

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