Motion Blur from Panning and Cursor Movement Should Cancel Each Other Out for a More Realistic Look

When the cursor moves in one direction and the entire image is panned in that same direction at the same time, currently both the cursor and the window behind it have motion blur. This looks a bit odd to me since the cursor doesn't actually move that much on the screen, so I'd expect it to have less motion blur, kind of like how a real camera would work when it tracks an object.

Here's an example of what I mean, where the cursor is moving to the bottom left and the camera is panning to the bottom left as well:

And this is what I'd expect, where a real camera is tracking a moving object:

In this example, the object stays fairly sharp because it doesn't move a lot relative to the frame of the camera.

I hope this makes sense :)

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In Review


💡 Feature Request


18 days ago


Leo Bernard

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